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Our Bestselling Supplements

Body Shaping

PhenoSlim™ is a combination of high potency ingredients, working in unison to reduce body fat and make you feel better.

Weight Loss

C.U.T.S. is the next generation of Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA). It is the only product with clinically validated ingredients for actual Weight Loss, Fat Reduction, and Blood Sugar support.

Hormone Regulation

Optimal Hormone Peak is the first bi-daily hormone system designed to work equally well for men and women.

Muscle Building

Muscle Growth Complex is a long term, 100% natural, Muscle Growth formula that is safe for both men and women, and also has many benefits for the elderly as well!

Get Stacks and Save

NSC Stacks

Loss Stack

C.U.T.S. (2 Bottles)
NSC Shaker

Lean Stack

Natural Strength
NSC Shaker

Build Stack

Natural Strength
Optimal Hormone Peak
NSC Shaker

Health Stack

Optimal Hormone Peak
Enhanced Life Vitamin

Customers reviews

Natural Science Creation was founded in 2010 with the idea of utilizing the highest purity compounds available with unique formulas that no other company would be willing to bring to the market. Every ingredient is lab tested for purity and compliance before being encapsulated at our GMP production facility.

With unique products and clinical doses of the key ingredients, NSC’s adaptogenic product line will allow any natural athlete to reach their goals faster, without any harmful side effects or failed drug tests.

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